The iMotion Team

Darl Gagliano, Bill Heinlein, Cheryl Ransome, Mike Heinlein, and Justin Moris function as a team that we feel is unequalled in serving the motion control industry. Together, the associates of iMotion bring extensive experience working with OEM customers. As a result we are able to offer sales and service expertise that is second to none. Our experience and technical capabilities can help you maximize the success of your projects. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with your motion control needs in the future.

Darl Gagliano

President of iMotion Inc.
Darl has served in various capacities in the motion control field over the last 40 years. Prior to being a manufacturers’ representative Darl has filled the roles of Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, Application Engineer, Product Manager, Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager and Sales Manager. These responsibilities were carried out while working with Honeywell Motor Products, Pacific Scientific, ElectroCraft and MSI Technologies. 33 of the 40 years have been dedicated to selling, managing and building a Rep/Distribution Company and most recently a representative company.

Bill Heinlein

Vice President of iMotion Inc.
Bill has been with iMotion since 2001 after working for a local distributor of motion control products. Bill’s beginnings at iMotion were applications engineer and then sales for Utah, Colorado, and the northern states. His primary focus now at iMotion is to develop and maintain OEM accounts in Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Through his time at iMotion, Bill has significantly increased sales of all territories he has worked and has successfully won the respect of the suppliers and customers in both sales experience and technical ability. Bill is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin in Mechanical Engineering.

Cheryl Ransome

Cheryl Ransome joined our Colorado office in 2008. She came to iMotion with extensive background in banking and real estate through working with RE/MAX Corporate her in Colorado. Now after more than 10 years of service with iMotion, Cheryl has become the cornerstone of the iMotion support team. Her current responsibilities as Financial Coordinator and Office Manager keep our office functioning smoothly. Her strong work ethic and service-focused approach exudes the high standard of excellence you have come to expect from iMotion.

Mike Heinlein

Mike worked as a project engineer in the Power Generation field before joining our Colorado office in 2012. His experience in prototype design, product testing, and program coordination combined with his creativity and motivation for success is a great contribution to the team. He is primarily responsible for technical sizing, application engineering and sales support with a focus on Controls, Devices, Motors and Linear Systems. Mike received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as his Minor in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Justin Moris

Justin Moris is the newest member at iMotion, he joined our office during the summer of 2019. Before joining, Justin was focused on attaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in college he designed and built a device that allowed drones to carry and drop equipment. He graduated cum laude from the Colorado School of Mines just before starting his position at iMotion. His current role with iMotion is to provide both technical and sales support, while assisting with application engineering. We are excited to have Justin join the iMotion team.