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Why Choose Electric Actuation?
November 10, 2017

Electric actuators offer high speed and force, are flexible and easily programmable for a variety of load conditions, have high accuracy and repeatability, are efficient, simple to install, require little maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. By not using a hydraulic system, the user can eliminate oil leaks, reduce pollution, and improve worker safety.

>> Watch Video Explaining the Benefits of Migrating to Electric Actuation

Hydraulic to Electric
Motion Express is Going Social January 18, 2017

Motion Express is now posting, connecting and tweeting along with the rest of the world! We have a lot going on in our company and want to share that information in a format that is most beneficial for each individual. Please follow us and feel free to post comments or share with your acquaintances.

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Valve Mount
Motion Express:
Mount Kits for Your Exlar Solution

January 13, 2017

Motion Express provides provides select manufacture and kitting of products for the Oil & Gas industry. For your Exlar needs in the field, we have mount kits for the most common valves found in upstream and pipeline applications. We also have battery back up solutions for applications that require fail-safe operations. Our products are the perfect complement to your EXLAR Zero Emission Electric Actuators to provide you with a complete, cost effective, greener solution to oil and gas production.